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Question:  What time should I drop my child off?
Answer:  School doors will not open until 9:25 AM.

Question:  Where should I take my child?
Answer:  Please bring your child into the classroom. Put your child's name on book bags and jackets, and put the jacket in the book bag prior to hanging it in the designated area for each classroom.

Question:  Is there anything I should know when bringing my child to school?
Answer:  Yes.  No child should be left alone or unsupervised in the school or the school's parking lot. This includes children attending preschool as well as siblings or young friends waiting in the car.

Question:  How should my child be dressed?
Answer:  Dress your child in casual clothes. Tennis shoes are great for our large muscle activities. Please do not send them in flip flops or backless sandals.

Question:  Where will I pick my child up at the end of the class?
Answer:  At the conclusion of each class session each child will need to be met at the classroom for dismissal. Doors open at 11:55 AM.

Question:  How will I know how to prepare my child for a field trip?
Answer:  All field trip information will be in the monthly newsletter. Only you can make our field trips a success!

Question:  Can my child's brothers and sister come on the field trip with him? Even if I pay extra?
Answer:  No.  It is our policy that only Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool children attend and participate in the field trip.

Question:  When should I not bring my child to class if they are slightly ill or have a slight fever?
Answer:  If your child is sick or not attending school, that day please call the office before school! Please do not send your child to school with a temperature of 100°F or more or with severe coughing or diarrhea. You can always leave a message on the teacher's voice mail.

Question:  Do I need immunization and medical records to enroll my child?
Answer:  Yes.  Yes. It is a state requirement that the Child Medical Statement and Enrollment Health Information forms must be completely filled out and returned to your child's teacher on or before the first day of school. You may pick one up at the church or get one off of our website at
Child Medical Statement and Enrollment Health Information form

Question:  Do I have to pay the tuition all at once?
Answer:  No.  Preschool tuition is a yearly fee which can be divided into nine monthly payments for your convenience. September and May payments are due before your child begins the first day of school. Your payments can be given to your child's teacher or mailed to the preschool.

Question:  Will there be snacks served?
Answer:  Yes.  Snacks are provided by parents. Snack suggestions are given in open house folders. Teachers will provide information about how snacks will be handled in their room and any allergy information.