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Youth Ministry

The mission of Youth Ministry is to engage as many junior and high school youth as possible in understanding life in Jesus Christ.


The ministry consists of an adult advisory committee, junior high members and high school members. The ministry helps to plan and direct youth activities. Our belief is that youth grow when elements support their faith development, those elements being parents, caring adults, peers and activities. The goal is to support these elements by creating a balance among four areas: worship, learning, social activities and service.

Goals of the Ministry

  • Basking in God's love, sharing in God's Word and growing spiritually by honoring and serving God through acts of ministry.
  • Learning generosity by tithing our fundraiser donations, helping with Genesis House and Salvation Army.
  • Reaching out to other youth every time we can and embody the love of Christ to encourage their own spiritual growth.
  • Learning to apply the teachings of Jesus to our generation today.
  • Establishing solid youth leadership.
  • Forming our own youth band.
  • Creating our own area.
  • Establishing a regular pattern of bi-monthly meetings.
  • Hold fundraisers for the 2009 ELCA Youth Gathering and Alive 2007.
  • Start planning a mission trip.
  • Visit other youth groups.

Will you help?

To help with this ministry or make a suggestion call Pastor Jaster or Jeff Hamilton. at 440 323 4552
email them at
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