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Strategic Planning

The mission of the Ministry of Strategic Planning is to provide guidance and assistance to Church Council and all other ministries in shaping coordinated long-term and short term goals and direction that serves Christ's call for people in this congregation to be faithful, welcoming and generous towards each other and in the world around us.

The Strategic Planning Ministry shall consist of six members plus the pastor appointed by Church Council with at least one member of the Council serving on this ministry at all times. Members serve for a maximum of three year terms with two members rotating off the ministry annually.

This ministry is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Searching the Scriptures and reflecting on Christ's call to his disciples.
  • Conducting research and analysis of our current position in comparison to other churches our size geographically and in the ELCA.
  • Searching for methods and approaches that are successful and best organizational structure(s) for going forward.
  • Conducting a S.W.O.T. Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of our current structure, operations and programming.
  • Developing a strategic plan for recommended approaches and changes.
  • Presenting a strategic plan and all other ideas to Church Council for reaction, discussion, guidance and approval.

Goals of the Ministry

  • Processing and absorbing the ReVision survey undertaken in fall of 2008.
  • Holding an adult retreat to include all those interested in reflections on the Context Report.
  • Developing a narrative story of the congregation.
  • Developing a three year vision and one year action plan.

Will you help?

Below are some ideas in which you may get involved.

  • Advocate and take the lead on a new program or goal.
  • Be a part of the Adult Retreat and our discussion of the ReVision Survey in Winter of 2009.
  • Attend a Reflection small group session.
  • Identify an unmet need in our neighborhood or community.
  • Ask someone that you know what they would like to see in a church and share it with us.


  • ELCA Congregation Trend Report (Cong. ID #04497, Region 6E)
  • Demographics for a ZIP code area
  • ELCA Department for Research and Evaluation
  • Percept (
  • Association of Regional Data Archieves (ARDA)


  • Not Listed