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Stewardship Ministry

The mission of the Stewardship Ministry is to help the people of this congregation joyfully and thankfully offer back to God what God has first given to us: ourselves, our time, and our possessions, signs of God’s gracious love. The Stewardship Ministry enables and encourages members to make their time, abilities, and money available for Christ’s service and for the growth of the church.

Methods for accomplishing this include:

  • Annual Every Member Response: The Stewardship Ministry plans and conducts an Every Member Response Program each year. Normally, this is done in the fall around October or November. The formats may differ (mail campaigns, dinners, temple talks, cottage meetings, every member visitations), but the goal is to invite a written estimate of giving from each member each year. This estimate of giving not only solicits support for the programs outlined in the annual budget and gives the Church Council an idea of anticipated income for the coming year but it also emphasizes our need to put our wealth and blessings in Christ’s service. The Stewardship Ministry stresses and encourages the biblical practice of "proportionate giving" with the tithe (10%) as the goal.
  • Year-long Encouragements: In addition to the annual Every Member Response, the Stewardship Ministry offers constant encouragements throughout the year. An effort is made especially when the quarterly statements are sent out to encourage members to keep current with their pledge.
  • Time and Talent Surveys: The Stewardship Ministry regularly surveys members to inquire concerning the parish activities in which they might like to become involved. The Stewardship Ministry forwards this information to the various chairpersons and group leaders so that contacts can be made.
  • Temple Talks: Each fall the Stewardship Ministry recruits volunteers to speak for 3 to 5 minutes during a worship service. The volunteer is asked to speak about the importance of the church in his or her own life and the importance of making a financial commitment to the church. The church cannot function without the commitment of money, time, and energy. Temple Talks provide Emmanuel with a very effective low-key approach to raising awareness and encouraging financial support and increased involvement.

Goals of the Ministry

  • Conduct an every member response stewardship campaign in the fall of 2009.
  • Develop an ongoing Stewardship Ministry and leadership team.
  • Have a response of 95 or more households.
  • Get everything done in a timely fashion.
  • To exceed 2008 pledges by at least $6,000.

Will you help?

Below are some ideas in which you may get involved.

  • Express a compliment, comment or concern.
  • Serve on this ministry.
  • Share a vision for our future.
  • Suggest a concrete way to act upon a goal.


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