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Property Ministry

The Property Ministry is responsible for keeping Emmanuel's physical facilities in good repair. An attractive facility is important for Christian evangelism. A well-maintained church gives the message that people value what happens here. Physical accessibility is crucial if the congregation's ministry is to be available to all people. Wise energy use and conservation is important if we are to be good stewards of our natural resources and wish to maximize the funds available for human (vs. maintenance) needs.

Here are some ways the Property Ministry serves:

  • Maintenance: The Property Ministry maintains the building, grounds, and all of the equipment that makes the services and activities in the church comfortable and inviting for members and guest alike. This includes regular inspection and repair of the building and grounds. The ministry also maintains the rental property adjacent to the church.
  • Contracting: The ministry contracts for custodian service, snow removal, carpet cleaning, and any repairs that go beyond the time and skills of members. The ministry determines specifications, solicits estimates from contractors and vendors and makes recommendations for expenditures to the church council.
  • Overseeing: The ministry oversees the work of the custodian and makes sure that the custodian has adequate equipment and supplies. The ministry consults with the custodian and solicits the custodian's advice on areas in need of attention or repair.
  • Organizing: The ministry organizes volunteer help and schedules work sessions as needed.

Goals of the Ministry

  • Repairing all malfunctioning lighting.
  • Clearing the drain in the parking lot.
  • Clearing the stage.
  • Reorganizing all storage areas and utilizing the existing space more efficiently.
  • Repairing all plaster work in Fellowship Hall and stage.
  • Painting all peeling exterior trim.
  • Rebuilding exterior sign.
  • Trimming trees.

Will you help?

Below are some ideas in which you may get involved.

  • Help us maintain the property.
  • Notify us of a property matter that needs attention.
  • Take a turn mowing the lawn.
  • Help us shovel the walks
  • Take care of flower beds and trim bushes.
  • Paint.
  • Do light repair work.
  • Do some light cleaning.
  • Wash windows.


  • Julie Naus
  • Mike Panko