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Mutual Ministry

The mission of the Mutual Ministry is fourfold.

  • Guidance Role: In dialogue with the pastor and congregation, Mutual Ministry clarifies and articulates expectations for both the pastor and the congregation.
  • Sharing Role: Mutual Ministry serves as a group with whom the pastor can test new ideas and share confidential matters. In turn Mutual Ministry shares with the pastor concerns and needs within the congregation. It tries to identify and alleviate frustrations and misunderstandings. It serves as a confidential sounding board for the pastor in times of personal or professional stress and in times of congregational crisis.
  • Evaluating Role: Mutual Ministry conducts an annual review of the ministry of the pastor. It also evaluates the mission of the congregation and the members' mutual participation in the agreed upon mission goals.
  • Supporting Role: Each year Mutual Ministry assess the working conditions, compensation, housing, vacation, and benefits provided to the pastoral staff in terms of the synod's quidelines and makes recommendations to the church council. It strives to see that compensation for the pastoral staff is fair, adequate, and affirming and comparable to what other pastors are being paid in the northeastern Ohio area. Mutual Ministry assists the pastoral staff in planning continuing education and sabbaticals that benefit both the mission of the congregation and personal professional growth.

Goals of the Ministry

  • To review and implement those items from the Strategic Planning process that affect Mutual Ministry's areas of responsibility.

Will you help?

Below are some ideas in which you may get involved.

  • Express a compliment, comment or concern.
  • Serve on this ministry.
  • Share a vision for our future.
  • Suggest a concrete way to act upon a goal.


  • NEOS Compensation Guidelines
  • ELCA Board of Pensions
  • Sample Sabbatical Leave Policy
  • Alban Institute
  • NEOS Policy on Sexual Misconduct


  • Fred Rice