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Worship & Music Ministry

The mission of the Worship and Music Ministry is to make the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the administration of the Sacraments (Word & Sacraments) available to as many people as possible. In conjunction with the pastor, who has the primary responsibility for the proclamation of the Word and the administration of the Sacraments, the ministry oversees all worship services. This task includes coordinating and enhancing the music ministry of the church. The ministry assists in the scheduling of lay members to participate in various portions of the service. Members on the ministry include the organist, assistant organist, and a representative from the Altar Guild.

The work of the Worship & Music Ministry includes the following:

  • Worship Services: The ministry reviews services of worship to determine if changes or additions could enhance their effectiveness in reaching out to hearers with Christ's forgiveness and love. Worship alternatives are discussed and evaluated and recommendations are made to the pastor and/or Church Council.
  • Music Ministry: The ministry searches for and selects an organist and choir director and submits its selection to the Church Council for approval. The ministry consults with the organist and choir director, solicits their recommendations, oversees their work, and makes sure they have the necessary resources to conduct their ministries effectively. The ministry attends to the needs of the choir and encourages worshippers to use their musical talents to the fullest extent.
  • Altar Guild: The ministry regularly consults with the Altar Guild, responds to their suggestions and requests, and invites their advice on all matters that affect their ministry of liturgical preparation. The Altar Guild serves the congregation by preparing Emmanuel's worship space. The guild prepares the altar for Holy Communion, arranges paraments and furnishing according to the church year, schedules acolytes and crucifers, orders worship supplies, and arranges for the donation of flowers on a weekly basis. Up to 16 persons serve on the Altar Guild working in teams of two on a month by month rotation under the leadership of the Altar Guild Directress/Director.
  • Ushers: The ministry arranges for the scheduling of ushers in teams of two for each service. Generally ushers serve for a month at a time. Men, women, and families are able to serve in this function.
  • Lay Readers & Assisting Ministers: The ministry arranges for a variety of "assisting ministers" including lay readers, cantors, and communion assistants. This helps to demonstrate the involvement and participation of laity in the leadership of worship.
  • Memorial Fund: The Church Council has the ultimate say in the dispersal of memorial funds. However, since memorial funds are frequently used for worship furnishings and worship needs, the Altar Guild, the Worship and Music Ministry and the Enhancement Committee are often involved in the process. The Altar Guild and the Enhancement Committee are asked to maintain a list of potential uses for memorial funds. The Worship and Music Ministry conveys these items to the Church Council.
  • Worship Attendance: The ministry seeks ways to foster regular worship attendance on the part of all members. It encourages the presence of young children and communicates age-appropriate ways for young children to be involved in worship

Goals of the Ministry

  • Raising $35,000 to cover the First Phase of organ restoration.
  • Reviewing the Context Survey to examine those items relating to worship.

Will you help?

Below are some ideas in which you may get involved.

  • Suggest a favorite hymn or one you would like to learn.
  • Usher.
  • Read a the First Lesson at worship
  • Be an assisting minister
  • Serve on the Altar Guild.
  • Give through a will or a trust.
  • Play an instrument.
  • Be an Eucharist Minister who takes communion to the home bound.


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