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Communication Ministry

The mission of the Communication Ministry is to provide accessible and engaging media support to all other ministries of Emmanuel.


This ministry has a major role in developing and maintaining many of the ongoing communication vehicles used by the congregation including the following:

  • Weekly worship folder
  • Website
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Handouts and brochures
  • Church Art Online
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Email
  • Phone messages
  • Newspaper and phonebook listings

Goals of the Ministry

  • Create a small team of web editors especially for education ministry and parish news & calendar.
  • Experiment with a new format for the newsletter.
  • Utilize local mass media.
  • Develop a logo and byline for advertizing.

Will you help?

This ministry is always looking for new hands and minds to assist Emmanuel in spreading the Good News to all. If you have an interest in graphical arts, writing (reporting, essays or short stories) and or technology, we are the place for you to ply your trade or learn on the job. Below are some but hardly all of the ideas you may have to make this a better ministry.

  • Edit or develop web pages
  • Submit an idea or item for this website, the weekly worship folder, or the monthly newsletter.
  • Take pictures.
  • Develop a video.
  • Make signs or posters.
  • Put an ad or article in the local paper.
  • Subscribe to Emmanuel's monthly newsletter.
  • Fold, staple and help prepare folders & mailings.
  • Joyfully spread news by word of mouth.
  • Drop (or post) fliers in the neighborhood.
  • Newspaper and phonebook listings
  • Pass on amusing/inspiring/interesting articles, cartoons and videos


  • Our trust in Christ to understand his guidance in this effort
  • Our willingness and courage to follow his guidance
  • The members of Emanuel Lutheran
  • Pastor Jaster
  • Evelyn Purdey
  • Heidi Chambers
  • (Google)


  • Dustin Bunch
  • Laura Bunch
  • Pastor Jaster
  • Jason Worcester
  • Mike Panko